Webroot android security has locked me out of my phone and is acting buggy

  • 15 February 2016
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Hi Webroot community,
When I turn on my phone and enter my pin, my phone loads to the home screen as usual. But a few seconds later, Webroot locks the phone and asks me to enter my pin/password.
Furthermore, I only have 2-3 seconds to enter my password before the screen goe to black and I have to start the process all over again. This makes it completely impossible for me to enter my Webroot password because there is simply not enough time. By password, I presume it is referring to my Webroot password, as I get an 'incorrect password' prompt when I enter my 4 digit phone pin. A few notes:
  • The phone pin I enter is correct, and when the phone is turned on I even get to momentarily access my phone features before Webroot locks me out.
  • I removed my mobile phone from Webroot protection via my online Webroot account. I hoped this would allow me to login, but it does not.
I would appreciate any advice! Really need to use my phone ....

1 reply

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Hi fuzzy2optimal
Welcome to the Community Forums.
If the phone is currently locked, I do not know of a workaround for what you are describing since you have not lost your password or security/passcode. You could try entering your 4-digit Webroot security code and see if that works, as I believe that this is sometimes required. If you have forgotten that I can provide guidance on how to reset that...just let us know.
However, if you have tried all of the above without success then I would recommend that you Submit a Support Ticket for a more definitive answer/guidance from the Support Team on this.
Regards, Baldrick