Webroot catches threat, but don't know if actual threat; if so, can't get rid of

  • 15 April 2014
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I have WSA Complete on android tablet. Today it caught a threat it claims is a Trojan: Android.smssend ,Wssyncmlnps Com.wssnps.....this is the app info. Can't seem to quarantine. or uninstall. Looked it up under settings>apps>all, wssyncmlnps. I found it but it seems like it came with the tablet, already installed. It has a lot of permissions.Not sure if I should force stop, ignore, or just shut down tablet; using it but not sure if safe.Anyone else with same problem? Boyfriend's tablet , same thing. We share the Webroot & both have Samsung galaxy tab 3.

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Hi, don't worry...have a read of this, please:
Thank you for contacting Webroot Support. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.
It does appear the detection in question was a false positive. We have re-evaluated the definition detecting the application you report and corrected the false positive on our end. Within the next 24-48 hours we will release a new definition set with those corrections and you should no longer see that detection. In the meantime, you may choose the option to "Ignore this threat" and this will prevent Webroot from displaying the alert again for that particular app. We appreciate your report and thorough troubleshooting!
The Webroot Mobile Threat Research Team

Any question, just ask....and you may safely choose "Ignore this threat"'s a false positive, and will be soon fixed.
Awesome, thanks sooooo much. FedupWmachines
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@ wrote:
Awesome, thanks sooooo much. FedupWmachines
Thank you so much also fedupWmachines, glad to be able to help. 😃