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  • 2 April 2013
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Following repair and Sim card reinstallation. Have reset the passwordbvia web root console but still can't get in. Suggestions?


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The device may require the old password if it is not connected to a current wifi/3G/4G connection. Please let me know if the old password works and if you are able to unlock your device.
There could be a better way of issuing unlock commands from the MyWebroot Account itself - if you would like to Create a New Idea in our Ideas Exchange for such a feature, I will give it a kudos and the more it receives, the higher priority it will be given. We are always looking for advice from our customers on how to improve the product. 😃
I guess if I had the old password I wouldn't be looking for help! 
I've followed the instructions on my phone to sign in on another device to change the password.  And I've been on wi-fi all day.  I agree that access from the main console would be great, but waitiing for a program update doesn't unlock my phone.
I am on my home network, which connects automatically.  I"ve reset the password from my destktop, yet again, and still cannot get past the red Webroot lock screen.
This is inexscusable!  Yes, it is doing the job for which it was intended.  But GOOD programmers make allowances for people forgetting something like a million passwords and write a work around to start with!
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If you can access it through the Webroot Console, can't you just use the buttons to unlock the device again? The button is besides the lock button.
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The Password is normally checked online, however the password is also stored locally on the device specifically for cases like this. Anytime you successfully log in by verification online, the app updates its local cache for In Case Of Emergencies logins.
The phone will always remember the OLD password if you change it online until it is able to verify the new one online. But if the network is not present, it will only validate the old password locally which means you will need to unlock it using the old password from before you changed. If you absolutely can't remember the stored password, the only option is to try to get a working connection to the internet, one way or another, in order for the password to be changed online and the phone to be able to check in for the password verification.
We have zero access to the passwords and there are no "Back doors" or hidden ways to get around the lock. If you cannot unlock it by accurately entering the locally-stored password and cannot acquire any kind of automatic internet connection via the SIM or a WiFi network that it will auto-join for it to discover the network password... well, then sadly the app is going to do its job very well to keep you out, since there is no way to prove you own the device without the password. At that point, unless USB debugging is on (which it normally should not be) and you know how to use ADB to remove data, it would require the assistance of the carrier or phone manufacturer to perform a factory reset, which wipes all of the user data from the phone. I am also curious if the connectivity issues are being caused by the fix implemented by the manufacturer (loss of saved wifi networks or loss of 3G/4G connections)
(Source: Kit's 'Not-Good Situation' post)
Sorry, but "it's doing it's job" is just not good enough for me.  I"m a paying customer of both Webroot and AT&T.  I should not have to wipe the phone just because you claim you're doing your job.  There should be a back way in for just these types of situations. 
If someone steals my phone, what are the chances that they will also have access to my Webroot console! I HAD internet connection and a solid WiFi signal.  It still would not ever update the password when I changed it. 
Sorry - I will have to think long and hard before I reinstall this application on my phone.  Not sure it's worth the hassle I put myself through, and then still had to do a 'clear storage' reset to get the application off my phone!
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I apologize for your frustration. I notice that you actually have two keycodes with a MyWebroot Account. This is probably just a confusion of which one is active on the mobile device. You have an account under your Gmail address (the same one you registered here on the Community with), which is associated to a free mobile keycode and you have a Complete keycode that is associated to your sbc email address.
It may be that you are resetting the password to the free mobile keycode and associated online account (it shows that you have sent 4 password resets and 1 security code reset in the last two days) when the mobile device is actually using the Complete keycode that is in fact associated to your sbc email address.
I will send you this email address in a private message and you can try entering it into the mobile device along with the password if you remember it. If you do not remember it, you can perform the Password Reset on the sbc account and use these credentials to unlock the device.
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@ wrote:
"If someone steals my phone, what are the chances that they will also have access to my Webroot console! I HAD internet connection and a solid WiFi signal.  It still would not ever update the password when I changed it. "
I have been following this thread with great interest as I have seen a few cases in which it can be difficult for a variety of reasons to unlock a device.  I agree with trbrnd that it is not likely whoever has the lost device will have access to the Console, so I do not think adding function in the Console would be a major security threat to the owner.
I have created an Idea thread for this, so now I am asking for some Kudo's on it.  :D
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Thanks DavidP!