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  • 13 March 2013
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Hi I don't know if that's the right place to put this post.
I find this quite confusing - when you search for Webroot Products you find these:
Mac Security
Android Mobile Security
iOS Mobile Security
However it seems that you can only buy Android Mobile Security as a sepaerate product. The rest of them is included in WSA. Am I correct? Or is there a way to purchase them separately?

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5 replies

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You can purchase Webroot Internet Security Plus and Complete it does say 3 and 5 devices so you can do what ever 3pcs or 2 pcs and 1 mobile and with Complete it's the same 5 Devices so it can be 5pcs or 5 Mac's and or 5 mobile devices any combination! There is a special going on ATM up to 40% off

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Generally speaking there are three WSA versions which span over different mobile and desktop OS.
WSA Antivirus
WSA Internet Plus
WSA Complete
All of the above said versions work on Win and Mac and the Complete includes also Android OS. Apart the above versions you can have WSA Free and Premier for Android OS and SecureWeb for iOS.
For more information please visit Webroot site that is very clear about the each version.
Please let us know if you have any unanswered questions.
@ TripleHelix
Sorry for double post, you beat me by 18 seconds 😃
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przemek83 - I just wanted to clarify a bit!
With the current 40% off deals, you will get 1 seat for Antivirus, 3 seats for Internet Security Plus, and 5 seats for Internet Security Complete (after the promotion you can purchase the software and specify how many seats you would like on each protection package and the price will adjust accordingly). Mobile protection comes with Internet Security Complete and Internet Security Plus.
So, if you purchased Internet Security Complete (which has a 5 seat count with our current 40% offer), you would be able to install it on 5 computers/mobile devices total. :D
Thank you for everyones input, I just wanted to restate the information you provided and make sure that this was clear.
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Thanks a lot for help guys - everything's clear now:)
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Great to hear if you have any other questions feel free to ask! ;)