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  • 4 March 2013
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Sorry in advance if this was asked before. I am trying to improve the security of my mobile in case it will be stolen. Is there any benefit to move webroot mobile security to the system application folder?

I am trying to make the phone hard reset proof but I am not sure if this will help to have webroot surviving a reset or if settings will be anyway gone with a reset and the application will not running anymore. I am just trying to avoid experimenting as you may know already the answer...

Thanks a lot for any help on this.


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I am not an authority on this, but I do not think it a good idea to change the install folder.  I cannot locate the thread at the moment, but I seem to recall that installations on rooted devices are not able to be fully supported, particularly when the installation is changed in ways that are not intended.
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This Jim's post gives a clear answer about rooted devices and WSA.
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Pegas, Thank You!  I knew I had seen it within the last several days, but couldn't find it.
A pity that system installation is not supported. Let me explain: most/all phones have a simple procedure of hard reset. This means that whatever anti-theft program not in the system folder will be just gone after a reset. Even novice theft know this and the first thing he will do is to do an hard reset.
Other applications (avast, cerberus, etc) allows to install the security app on "system/app" to avoid to be simply gone after a reset. This will not stop professionals that will flash a new rom on top of the current but at least its likely to stop casual thefts and increase the chance to find the phone back.
Something to consider for future versions ;)
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Fax, if you can put that idea in the Ideas Exchange, we can make sure it gets proper visibility with the right parties to have the idea considered.  If that doesn't require root, it may be something we'd look at.
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If Fax puts the idea up, I will happily Kudo it. (As long as root access not required)
Unfortunately "rooting" is a necessary condition in Android OS to have apps installed on system folder. I understand the reluctancy on rooting but, security wise, it can be beneficial. Of course, user with an happy approach to "allow" whatever apps to install can seriously mess up the phone. :D
Its not a webroot fault but a design flaw from Google. They should give the possibility to users not to allow an hard reset of the device without a proper password.