Webroot Secure Anywhere failed to install on Android LG ThinQ Phone

  • 16 July 2022
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I just tried to assist my friend by adding Webroot SecureAnywhere to his Windows PC and his LG Android phone, similar to what I have (except I have an Android Pixel 4a phone).  The windows installation on his PC went fine and it is working properly.  However, The installation on his Android LG ThinQ phone failed with: sent an invalid response


Of course, it is the lame NEW browser-type mobile app that is massively inferior to the previous standard app.  I can still install the old standard app (until August 2022) and it looked to work including acceptance of the Keycode but immediately directed me to the upgrade to the new lame app which immediately fails as above every time.  The phone was cold booted a few times too - no help.  My friend paid for mobile protection but is not getting it.  Any ideas?  Thank you.

0 replies

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