Whos the hacker??

My facebook whattaspp viber apps and email are hacked

Best answer by Ssherjj 21 May 2014, 21:35

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Hi bashlink182


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Sorry to hear that...but could you provide us with more information about what has happened/what makes you say that?






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Welcome bashlink182, I found an articke here:
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Interestingly enough this is the second post regarding an Android and Facebook/email problem over the last couple of days.  There might be a need to contact Support via a Trouble Ticket in the event of a new malicious Facenook app?




This reply was started before Sherry's reply was posted.  I was pulled away and decided to go ahead and post it, though my guess is Sherry's article contains the answer to the matter!
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😉 Thank you @ and @ for teamwork! 🙂
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Great job Sherry :D

A Big Kudo for you! :D




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Oh it's all in a days work! 😉 No really Thanks!