Why did my phone get locked?

  • 14 July 2012
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I have webroot installed on my mobile phone and have been using it fine for weeks. I used the phone in an airport OK and turned it off. I then needed to make another call and turned on the phone and up came the red webroot locked message.  I did not ask for the phone to be locked and no one else has access to do that, so why did it happen?
PS, I am not switching SIM card or anything like that.  Just turned off the phone completely and turned it on again later to make a call.

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Hi rm,
Happy to have you here on the Community. :D
Thank you for the thorough explanation. This is definitely not intended behavior and the Lost Device Protection should not trigger from simply turning off the phone.
The Lock command can be sent from another phone via SMS as well as from your My Webroot Account. You said you are the only one with the information so I think this would be caused from behavior around the devices environment. Did you have any data or USB cables connected to your phone before turning it off?
Please let me know if you experience this issue again and if there is any unintented behavior from the device or app. I also sending you instructions on how to submit mobile logs so that we have detailed information and a reference point if this issue continues.
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Another, MUCH less common now, cause of this is a slow SIM card.  We give a large allowance of time for the SIM card to report itself accurately before we determine a swap or removal.  Some devices, when starting up, and some SIM cards also, may not report even within this time.  This can be completely normal for the device, or it can be an indicator of a failing SIM card, or waaaaaaaaay too many apps running services, or a failing SIM handler in the deivce itself. 
If you see it once or twice, I would chalk it up as intermittent SIM cleanup occurring. If you see it all the time, it would definitely warrant deeper investigation.