Will the wipe occur if I transfer the lost phone number to a new phone and deactivate the lost cell

  • 23 January 2018
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My cell phone was stolen. I have sent the wipe command but have not gotten confirmation that the phone received the wipe. I know that it will be sent as soon as anyone turns on the phone. Meanwhile I have ordered a new phone and I would like to transfer my tracfone minutes and phone number from the lost device to the new phone.
I am wondering if webroot needs the old phone to retain the old phone number and be an active device on my tracfone account and on my webroot account in order for the wipe command to work.
If someone tossed my phone into the trash after learning they could not access it, it may never be found but if it is found and someone charges it, I would like to be sure that the wipe occurs. If I transfer the lost phone number to a new phone and deactivate the lost device from my tracfone account, will the wipe still happen if the old phone is found?
Do I need to keep the lost device active on the webroot account?
Will a new device added to webroot with the same phone number cause software confusion?

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Welcome, @! We're happy to have you here, thanks for joining us, Shannon :cathappy:
Each device will show up separately within your console, once you connect the new device to your console (that is). I recommend you change the name of your old device(s) or remove them from the console prior to setting up your new device. This will help avoid any confusion and not mix the devices up. This page from our User Guide details exactly how to do that.
Please respond if I can help clear it up any more for you!

My old Android died, I want to connect/install Webroot into my new phone BUT, I can't connect to my old email from my old phone so I created a new one. How do I connect new phone with old email when I f ok rgot old password to facilitate??

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Hello @Grammacha 


Please contact Webroot support directly!


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