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Will Webroot work on a Kindle Fire HD?

  • 2 February 2013
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Will Webroot work on a Kindle Fire HD?
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Will Webroot work on a Kindle Fire HD?


Yes, however Amazon made a change in a recent update to the Kindle Fire HD, which prevents Device Administrator from being enabled for 3rd party applications. The Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile app requires Device Administrator to use Lost Device Protection.  Due to the limitations imposed by the device manufacturer, some normal app features, such as Wipe and password protection during uninstallation, may not function correctly.

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7 replies

My husband has a 1st Generation Kindle (ancient, I know) and I tried to use Webroot on it a long time ago but was unsuccessful. Can I use WebRoot on it now and if so, how do I get it on the Kindle. I have Webroot on my laptop and previously received it on there. Obviously, I'm technologically challenged.
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Hello PGG,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
I'm noit sure about the 1st generation Kindle Fire but you can try the instructions below.
Webroot SecureAnywhere supports Amazon Kindle Fire® devices.  To install the SecureAnywhere free version on your Kindle Fire®, follow the instructions below.

If you have already paid for a Webroot subscription and would like to install it, click here for instructions.

If you have not yet used the App Store, you may be asked to enter your credit card information to allow "One-Touch Purchasing." You will not be charged for the Webroot Mobile app
  1. Turn on your Kindle Fire®.  
  2. From the Home screen, tap Apps, then tap Store. The App Store opens.  
  3. Tap the search box. Enter "Webroot" and tap Search.  
  4. Locate the search result "Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile". This is a free app.  
  5. Download the app. Once installed, it will be placed in your Apps library.  
  6. To launch an application, tap the Webroot icon in the Apps library, Carousel, or Favorites.
If you need further assistance then you can Submit a Support Ticket and they will help you as well. Free of charge with a Webroot subscription.
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Hello Webroot I keep getting the following on my Kindle Fire:
You may be at risk. Your saved credentials are invalid.
Then it asks me to enter my Webroot password. I'm a bit sceptical to enter it. Is it valid ?
Regards, Simon.
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Hi @
I just checked with support. It sounds as if you might have Lost Device protection enabled, and recently changed your password from your portal account. So the Mobile App is prompting you to re-login to confirm this password change.

If this is the case, you can go into the Mobile Security App and click on the 'Menu' (3 dots in upper right), then go to 'Register'. From here it will prompt you to login there as well. 
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@ I've escalated this and someone on our team will be contacting you about this. Thanks. 
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Thank you freydrew
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Happy to help!