• 7 January 2015
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Is there a good reason why Webroot does not support Two Factor Authorization? Listed on https://twofactorauth.org/ as not being supported.

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It's in the works.
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There is a form of it already online, and has been for quite some time now.  You can turn on Google Auth for use with the Password Manager.
Log into your Console
Click Passwords
On the right margin, click Settings.
It is one of the least known, least talked about features in WSA, but  it is there.
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It was in the works four years ago.
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There is no "Settings, passwords" under the console anymore.

Webroot has no 2FA other than a phony six-letter code phrase that never changes.
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Webroot, any plans on implementing real 2 factor authentication? Your code that we have to enter does not seem to be as strong. In lieu of the msp's that got hacked and were using webroot to spread malware to their clients, I think we need something stronger.
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Its a shame that webroot seems to be the least security orintated security vendor on the market. Hopefully this latest incident will actually change some things very quickly, as we are already looking at alternatives because of the lack of confidence in the product at the moment