A malware protection site say I have 566 infections, yet WebRoot doesn't say anything about it.

  • 9 February 2016
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A malware protection site (can't remember the name) says I have 566 malware infections.  It offers to remove them for $29.95.  Why doesn't my Webroot protection confirm this if it's true? Is it just a scam to get me to buy their software?   When I closed out the program preview, it then offered it at the miraculously low price of $10.   Is Webroot sufficient or do I need additional malware protection?

1 reply

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Well IMO you don't have infections if you can't remember the other Apps name, also I wouldn't believe that in any way! Now if you think WSA is missing anything just Submit a Support Ticket and they will look into it and remove anything with your paid subscription. Also look at this as it was released today: Adoption of Webroot Next-Generation Endpoint Security Solutions Propels Revenue 2nd Fiscal Quarter
Daniel ;)