Account activation not working

  • 9 April 2022
  • 3 replies

I keep getting the screen saying “account activation needed” I signin and that works, it asks for my security code and then it logs me out and logs me back in. I am stuck in a loop and cannot scan my computer for virused. Please help. I sent a ticket to customer support and got a generic reply with no real answers. Does anyone know what to do?


3 replies

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I noted that logins can time out and you see something like you described. I had a similar experience. I rebooted and tried the code again and it worked. Seems the token had expired. 

If that does not do it, reach out again here and one of the admins can try and expedite your ticket. 

Hi there,

I was about to say the same, I have created account but yet not get any activation email I want some general post here related to my website embroik can community allow me to post here,

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I know its as common now as turn it off and on again but try incognito mode incase there is a dodgy cookie or something.