Ad Choices Malware

  • 6 January 2015
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I understand that AdChoices is not considered a virus, but is considered malware, and an escalating dangerous one once on your computer, that it changes registry, etc.  It pops up as various ads in IE and as i navigate to different sites, as a small square video ad that runs various advertisements.  It will even continue to play after the browser is closed!  I've run webroot scans and AdChoices is never detected.  Help!?  Thank you !!! 🙂

1 reply

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A virus is malware, malware being a catch all term.Nearly all programs will make some registry changes, it doesnt mean its malicious. I would remove the extension from IE and/or Reset IE. Also remove any adware from the Windows Add/remove control panel. 
1) Open internet Explorer
2) Click on "Tools" or click on the cog icon
3) Click on "Internet Option"
4) Click on the "Advanced" tab
5) Click the "Reset" button at the bottom
6) Click on reset Internet Explorer