Advised to delete Webroot from system

My laptop is connecting to WiFi but can't get to the  internet.  I posted a question  on  another technical forum  and was advised to delete Webroot.
1. Should I delete?
2. I have 2 other systems that use Webroot and they are connecting to the internet just fine. So would you think then it is Webroot that is causing this problem
3. If it is  the problem with Webroot then how would I protect my system without Webroot, just so  I can get to the internet?
4. Is there a way to temporarily disable Webroot for testing this pronlem?
5. Does Webroot  have a firewall to disable?

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Hello @doyoukow and Welcome to the Webroot Community!
It's best not to uninstall WSA but in fact it's best to Submit a Support Ticket so they can look into your issue and help you sort it out and if it affects others then it will help them as well. There is no charge for support of Webroot SecureAnywhere if you have a subscription. Please let us know the outcome! 😉


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