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  • 22 September 2021
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Starting sometime late last year, every time I do a scan with WR first a popup says “Do you want (this program) to make CHANGES on your computer?” I click no; I only want it to scan for malware. Why am I asked this? For years it would just scan and report. 

Second, after each scan (which incidentally is far SHORTER  that a  year ago, showing less than half as many files scanned as before…  and taking a fraction of the time)  it says “No threats found” - then at the end of the list of findings in the report the entire frame goes red and one item (also in red...) states “An antivirus program is installed but not protecting your computer”. I click on the message with no response.

But when I click on the (?) icon it directs me to a startup page whereby I can PURCHASE Webroot! 
WHAT is going ON with this system? Most or all these changes have appeared in less than the past year despite my memembership self-renewing just months ago. ...And all this AFTER being told MS was no longer supporting my OS. . . FOLLOWED, curiously, by a more or less steady stream of (wait for it) -  updates. 

Can anyone make heads or tails of these changes? Were they included in the “changes to your computer” prompt I could have accidentally approved when it started? And if so, WHAT were those changes? 


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@Bill Fife ,

The prompt “Do you want (this program) to make changes on your computer?” is likely a windows security prompt. I do not want to lead you the wrong way by suggesting you change your windows security settings.

The best way to get rid of this prompt would be by reaching out to our support team so they can walk you through what settings need to be changed. They can be reached here:


I’d recommend you reach out to them via email or phone to work through the settings that are leading to unexpected results.