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i get the exact same message..wonder why some people dont get this and others do..weird
Hi, there is not "unblock" link for my users -I assuem I have to change a setting via the msp control panel?
There is no 'Unblocking " option for me either. 😞
Not fixed here 🙂. I have even tried "refreshing my configuration"
I am using Chrome and Facebook is being Blocked with NO option to Unblock
I just tried again and entered through the link with the red warning sign and it allowed me, but it is still showing as High Risk website
Same here for the past hour or so.  Submitted problem to Webroot through the Warning message screen.
I clicked unblock and continue and it refused to work, even after I entered my password. 😠
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Facebook runs a bit slow, but I am able to get on.  Sometime I have to refresh to get some things on Facebook to work.