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Webroot is suddenly blocking Facebook.  Every time I try to go to the FB page, I get this message.  How to fix this?


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Hi there!
I am not noticing a slow down getting on FB. Have you tried a different browser or clearing your history, cache in your browser?
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Facebook runs a bit slow, but I am able to get on.  Sometime I have to refresh to get some things on Facebook to work.
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@ wrote:
I clicked unblock and continue and it refused to work, even after I entered my password. :@
Hello sxd0145,
Try a reboot of your computer. Webroot has sent out the fix for Facebook. You may not have received it yet. 
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I clicked unblock and continue and it refused to work, even after I entered my password. 😠
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I'm able to get in as well now, although some apps appear to be running slow
I can get to FB now
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Hi Saratonga
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
I can use Facebook on Chrome without any blocks. So that is odd?

Same here for the past hour or so.  Submitted problem to Webroot through the Warning message screen.
I just tried again and entered through the link with the red warning sign and it allowed me, but it is still showing as High Risk website
I am using Chrome and Facebook is being Blocked with NO option to Unblock
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Hello Poohx13,
Thank you!
I believe you are correct. Facebook on Chrome is working without a block and you can use Microsoft Edge is working as well.Because there isn't a Webfilter there.
Not fixed here 🙂. I have even tried "refreshing my configuration"
I am having the same issue with Webroot blocking access to Facebook. I did notice that it is only occurring when I use Mozilla.
There is no 'Unblocking " option for me either. 😞

Hi, there is not "unblock" link for my users -I assuem I have to change a setting via the msp control panel?
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Hello Everyone. Webroot is working on this issue as fast as they can. But you can hit unblock at the bottom of the screen.

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i get the exact same message..wonder why some people dont get this and others do..weird
I'm on Chrome too.  Just scroll down and click "unblock"
need help to unblock facebook
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my webroot is also blocking facebook saying its a phishing site
I find it interesting that Webroot gives you the option to sign in using Facebook but is blocking Facebook.  Blocked on our laptops but can't find any reason why.
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Same here, I guess tech support should be getting notices- someday.
Can't unblock as far as I can tell from using the Chrome extension... how do you do that?