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That is a non public page built into Netgear WiFi Range Extenders to access the settings of said range extenders.  Due to the fact that it is NOT a public site, and thus not publicly routed, it stays internal to your own network without the request being routed to and through your ISP, Brightcloud system will not have much information about it, thus the low score.
Just whitelist it like I did and it will not bother you.
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Really there is no need to whitelist it though, as I submitted it to Brightcloud over a year ago and WSA has not blocked the page since.
If you are getting a 404 page not found, that is a problem within your own network or settings, not WSA.
I don't care about the 404
prince1011 asked me a question
so, I answered prince1011
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My apologies, I did not realize you were answering a question, as your post looked like it was a question in itself.  I believe you will note that it was not the URL itself that Prince was asking about, he was meaning the overall format of the block screen itself as that was the main point of the thread to begin with.  (What you were seeing on the block screen was not the same as what Prince was seeing... remember him asking about the arrows?)
I do believe there is an explanation as to why you did not see the same exact format: Prince, as you might note, is a member of the Beta Group, and so for a few days he had Beta access to the new version of the Web Filter before it went into release for the general public.  Now that it has been released to the general public, you also have the version of the Web Filter that Prince was talking about.  Please forgive the confusion regarding that, once in a while it can be forgotten that what one sees as a Beta tester might not be exactly what one sees on the standard release version.
Please, in the future, can we avoid all of the double spacing.  The habit you have of typing 5 words in not even a full sentence, and then double spacing to do the same, and doing that over and over in a post is rather distracting and can be considered poor forum format.  Please do try to avoid that if you can.
To be quite honest, it comes across as being very condescending, much like a parent lecturing a child, and it just does not fit in well with any internet forum.
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Thanks for addressing what I said in 1st place about the block page. I hope this sorts out any confusion and as sorted out the issue you was having. You should have the latest version of webroot with the new webfilter which has been release. to check your version move mouse over the webroot icon and it should give you the webroot version something like this: 9.02xxxx if you have 9.02xxx you should have the updated webfilter.

Hope this helps
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Apologies, prince1011, but what you say is not necessarily true and it is best to go to the Addons / Extensions Manager for the browser or browsers concerned and do a check there to see if (i) the extension is installed, (ii) it is enabled & (iii) which version it is.
Unfortunately, from past eperience, the extensions are not automatically updated to the lates version when the main update occurs...hence why there are so many posts on workaronds to get the correct version updated.
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Thanks Baldrick. For explaining it better than me
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Hi Prince1011
No worries...I did not explain it better than you...more the case of I just added some further, pertinent information on the topic...that is all.

@shorTcircuiT wrote:
 Please, in the future, can we avoid all of the double spacing.  The habit you have of typing 5 words in not even a full sentence, and then double spacing to do the same, and doing that over and over in a post is rather distracting and can be considered poor forum format.  Please do try to avoid that if you can.

Well, since I'm visually impaired. 
Perhaps, I can get a deference to my disability by the ADA to permit me to double space.
Or, perhaps you'll permit me a disability allowance.

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As always, you choose to select a few words from pretty much anything said to argue against and ignore the rest.  Double space if you must, if you a disability that requires you to do so that is quite OK.  However as I noted, the form in which you choose to comment, (4 or 5 words without a full sentence, double space pause, 4 or 5 words without a full sentence, double space pause etc etc etc) does come across as argumentative, condescending and just not good form.
Perhaps if you double space, but also take the time to say your comments OUT LOUD in the manner in which your text would indicate they should be read you would comprehend.
That is the point you seem to miss, though we have tried over and over to make it.  All I am asking is that you make some effort to 'hear' the tone of what you type, because yes there is a tone to the written word, by simply thinking about how your words would sound if read aloud.  People DO read tone of voice, annunciation, the emphasizing, pauses, everything the spoken word has into the written based on how the written is formatted.  Not so very hard to do, and by making the effort I believe you will find your comments and contributions are taken much better by others.  Not just here, in just about any space on the Internet.
The way your comments as is sound when read aloud quite honestly resemble those of a brawling barrister when it is his turn alone to argue in the courtroom.  It is not at all difficult to use the same words, the same thoughts, and just type them so that when read aloud they turn from a tone and rhythm of argument and lecture  to that of normal speaking and discourse.
I am NOT trying to be mean or harsh or insulting here.  I honestly want you to understand why, even when you have had good questions or comments that may deserve open discussion, that they have not been met as openly as you would like.  My intenet here really is to help you, and not just here.  I can assure you that what I have described here is not my opinion alone.  Quite a few feel the same, yet if you take the time to really consider what I mean above, it will really help you.
Even after I attempt to honestly apologize in my last post, I do see that you entirely ingore when someone is TRYING to 'bury the hatchet' and be nice.  Instead, you find anything in the post that can be to your disliking and argue.  To be quite honest, I am feeling bad for you, as you just cannot seem to ever once read a post or reply without deciding to create arguments from it, totally ignoring when someone attempts to be of help.  You have created arguments out of nothing with not just the members, but with the Admins, including over posts that were made some 2 YEARS ago.  Yes, I feel bad for you because it seems you are only happy when you are involved in an argument, and proving your own point, or even creating a new point, just to have the last word.
Go ahead.. post back, complain, argue, whatever you want to say, I know you are going to do it.  You just cannot help yourself, so say what you want about me, PM anyone you want about me.  It is because of that habit of yours that you just have to fight, have the last word, have to keep on and on until no one has anything left to say that I do feel bad for you. I hope you find peace somehow.
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Completely agree with what you write David, and the sentiment underlying the content of your post.
Regards, Baldrick
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total agree. we have tryed to help you out alot  and to be honest its looks like you  take no notice of us we do try to help people out the best we can.
And when we do help you by telling you about the toolbar you say that no one is listening to you or taking your ideas on board we do listening to people and take the time to read and reply back to comments. sometimes my ideas are not the greatest and i let people give me feedback on what i come up with. please dont take it to heart if people dont agree with your idea.
Anyway i hope everything is ok and we can more off this upsetting subject.
Thanks Adam.
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I Rest My Case


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