browser automatically switching from google to yahoo for searches

  • 7 April 2020
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When I do a search in google, my browser automatically switches to searching through Yahoo.  This happened suddenly earlier tonight.  I have tried switching my default browser to google, deleting yahoo as a browser, looking for extensions to be deleted, and done a reset and cleanup.  None of these solutions resolved the problem.  I think I have some type of malware but I have scanned with webroot 3 times with nothing found.  I also tried changing my scan settings in Webroot: turning off and turning back on the “Detect Potentially Unwanted Applications” button and then scanning, but that did not help either.

3 replies

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Have you tried completely uninstalling your browser and reinstalling fresh? It sounds like you have some kind of adware that is changing your “default search engine”. 

If Webroot scans can’t find it, and you are sure that you’ve manually changed back your default search engine to google, my best recommendation would be contacting our SUPPORT TEAM for assistance

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I received a screen, stating " activation complete" the aforementioned (2) two words plus some other wording. However the above told me I was activated.

Now what other steps, need to be taken so my WEBROOT ACCOUNT, is complete? 

Please show me the steps in the order needed to complete everything, within the WEBROOT ACCOUNT.

Also, if you could add a description for each step.  If you please allow each description to be as short or long as necessary.  Allow the best description to be geared for an older person, whom is mostly computer illiterate. However to the point directions in language I understand have not been a problem for me.

Thank You, gphjr

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@GPHummeljr ,

Please send me a private message with all of the steps you have completed so far. It’s unclear where you are in the process right now. Let’s keep it in private rather than on someone else’s thread. thank you.