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  • 28 October 2012
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Browser Hijacker is a nasty virus which enters into the system without permission. After that it displays pop-ups and also disable some application and because of this users cannot access the system. But to remove such virus, virus removal tool is used so that it can help you to get rid of virus.
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It often comes with third-party software downloads
Uninstall Conduit toobar from chrome.
Click on the chrome menu bar icon
Select tool option
Remove trash bin icons by clicking on extension
Restart chrome page
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Hi Mary _Smith, you say,

It often comes with third-party software downloads
Uninstall Conduit toobar from chrome.
Click on the chrome menu bar icon
Select tool option
Remove trash bin icons by clicking on extension
Restart chrome page

Thank you so much for your input! Sounds great!

Have a great day! 😉
I had the same search conduit browser hijacker.its such a pain. It doesn't matter if u change ur chrome settings and u won't find any programs to remove; it's still always there ruining ur browsing experience and making ur PC run at a snails pace.
Remainder of post edited/removed: References to competitor product.  Please note that any PUA that WSA does not automatically detect and remove can be removed free of charge by Webroot Support.  The proper path in this case is to file a Trouble Ticket.  By having Webroot Support remove the nuisance software, the software will be reviewed for possible inclusion in the detection/removal engines.  shorTcircuiT
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On the flipside alot of programs include other downloads as part of the software so are we supposed to blacklist Java/Flash/Adobe etc? Google search results are a common thing that are shown as "Evidence" of malware just because a program is difficult to remove it doesnt mean its malware. I spent ages over the weekend trying to remove .net to get it reinstalled again. Does that mean its malicious because its tricky to remove? Of course not but you can see where I am coming from.
As I have always said with these topics arrive I detest toolbars and these "free" programs you see on a lot of well known sites.
ok well why not add a program to webroot that uninstalls the program, then searchs the computer for other instances of it and/or similar programs/files and allows the person to choose whether or not to have webroot delete/uninstall them and then alerts the person anytime it sees this file or program try to recreate itself and lets them choose to block it or let it thru
You can get easy and complete removal instruction of search.conduit and other browser hijacker program form ~snip Removed Link to off site help forums only OS support Forums like Microsoft snip~. This place provide complete details about threat and there removal  instruction in a easy manner. It helped me alot, my friends also get benefited form this place. In my view this is the best place for those user whose PC get affected with browser hijacker and other computer threats. Wish you be safe and secure in future. 
Hi everyone, it is really tough to deal with browser hijacker becasue it is going to hurt the browser so badly, apart from overall system is aversely affected by it. Nevertheless, it is possible to remove browser hijacker.
for more visit: <URL snipped as contrary to Community Guidelines to post links to 3rd party security and/or malware removal sites>
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My browser was just hijacked by "guruofsearch".  Not only did it hijack my google, but my "plugins" link is dead which I use to turn on and off my flashplayer that is now dead.  It came out of nowhere as I didn't load any new programs.

Before doing anything else I checked my extensions, settings, programs, task manager and my Webroot for viruses.  Everything was normal.  No "guruofsearch", except it appears every time I want to do a search.

I then installed the google link in my Chrome bookmarks bar so I am able to search with google now, but I'd rather not have to do it that way, obviously.  I want my address bar back and I want my FlashPlayer back, too.
Not only that, I tried InternetExplorer.  The ONLY thing I can do there is click on news links that are already on the screen.  The address bar and bing search are completely dead.  I don't even get the "guruofsearch".  NO browser at all for IE.

There are all kinds of "solutions" online, but they require downloading another malware removal tool which I'd rather not do as I already have Webroot and it has been good to me ....... so far.

So, how do I get rid of it?
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I have the link for plugins in my bookmark bar.   When that failed me I found the blue and white shortcut next to the pencil online and had that installed.  In either case, they both brought up the "This site can't be reached " page.   By the way, those are two photos and the way Webroot brought them up.  I couldn't figure out how to separate them and write text around them.  Maybe next time.  At any rate,  I can't open FlashPlayer because of this.  I've tried everything you suggested multiple times plus the things I said in my original post.  The only thing I haven't done yet is go to "Open a Support Ticket" because I wanted to answer your question first.  That will be my next step after I hear back from you.

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Sorry, the blue and white icon between the Webroot icon and the 3 vertical dots.  The pencil disappeared from my photo for some reason.
Do NOT download any Malware removal tools!! Assume you have a PC. (My husband every so often gets Browser Hijackers. He has a PC.) What I did was search through all of his files and any file which seemed "odd" I googled and if it mentioned or said it was a malware or browser hijacker then I deleted it.

I just googled "how to get rid of Browser Hijacker Gurofsearch - and there was a link to a YouTube video, which looked really helpful!

You've probably also figured out you need to be careful searching for sites, and reading the link BEFORE clicking - some are ads (which could also be Malware).

On my MAC, there's an app WOT (I think), that I downloaded from the Apple store for free (not sure if there's something like that for PCs). It rates all of your sites you've googled as Trustworthy or not, with different colored circles: Green (good), Yellow (questionable) and Red (bad) or Blue Question mark (probably not so good?). Good Luck!!