Can't Delete file or Webroot SVC

  • 29 April 2020
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I’ve tried going through the messages, and some people found their answer but didn’t write it down.  I have emailed Tech support but their suggestions didn’t work, so they gave me a number to call.

The automation said my “wait time was over an hour”!

Even though it is “uninstalled” a file and the svch continues to monitor and zap files that I don’t want it to.  That is the reason I uninstalled it.  There was no feature I could find to exclude files and folders. 

Things that I have done:

  1. Use remove program from Control Panel- Success, but left both a file called "zPiaabeg.exe" in Program Files and service host named “WRSVC”.  Neither can be deleted or stopped.
  2. Attempt to change permissions in Windows 10 to allow deletion-  Fail
  3. Attempt to end process in Task manager-  Fail
  4. Reboot in Safe Mode and attempt to delete file/end process/ stop wrsvc-  fail. fail. fail.
  5. Use of third party software like File Assasin- fail.  Says file is currently in use.

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