Does Webroot often find malware, spyware, or anything at all (for you)?

  • 4 July 2019
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Sometimes I'll browse without Webroot, I may not use a VPN (which I think are a scam)—I sometimes visit random pages online but the program has never once found anything wrong on my desktop. The first time I ran it on my 5 year old laptop it did but that's about it. There's nothing special I'm doing on top of the little bit you can actually protect your computer from.

Does Webroot seem to constantly find things on your PC?

2 replies

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Its not about Webroot finding things all the time, but protecting you when something bad happens.
We have been using and selling Webroot for years now and (touch wood) the only AV that has had zero infections with ransomware.
Nothing is 100% so being vigilant is the best.
Using VPN is not safe unless you can 100% trust the VPN and they can view all your traffic.
If you are really concerned about your data etc, ensure you have strong passwords and backup regularly.
Thats the only guarantee you will have.
If you are in Australia and need some more help, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to have a chat with you ( )
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I've seen quite a few false positives. In our organization we had a bunch of PuPs cleaned out when we first started using Webroot but we have since restricted Admin privileges so we don't have problems with people installing junk anymore. Your detection rate will entirely depend upon your habits. If you are constantly installing new or obscure software then you will see more false positives. If you are using a limited account and only work on your internal stuff then you will not see many attacks. It also depends upon how often people send you stuff. If you are viewing a lot of external content the odds that you will see something bad increase.