firewall sugestion and way to configure webroot to agresive mode and test like eicar

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My final cuestion was i want to configure webroot in more agresive mode i know webroot dont scan on acces it only on execute, when a malware ineracts whith the pc and block it, but i want to test it safetly not whith malware but yes whith eicar, and want to know if ie 11 was compatible whith webroot.
Second one i want you sugest me a fw not windows 8 embebed or comodo fw 
Third one i have a life time licence of win patrol can i use it whith sugested fw and webroot?
Are a way to configure webroot to agresive mode?

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@ wrote:
   BTW, it is a shame that you have not wriiten that short document you mentioned...I am sure it would be excellent, given what
   I have read in your posts...think that comes from you industry background...which is invaluable in things like this.
Truely it's a shame, because it would certainly be the well written document with plenty of valuable informations.
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@ @ so what about it?  Beefing up my initial stab, at a high level explanation, with the additional points you have both provided?  
I am happy to do the work (what am I setting myself up for...:S) and send a proposed draft to you both for checking/feedback on what needs to change before we propose it as a canned reply for use by the Community?
I would suggest that we approach the PUG Meister (Daniel) to see how we make it available for the PUG members to use as and when they need to whilst helping other users)?
Good, bad, worth doing?  Let me know. ;)
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Hello that was a cobstructive discusión about how sistems and malware Works i feel more secure and trust more on esa thanks and tell me fid anyone use win patrol i hace a lifetime licence and want to use it thank you again
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You can use WinPatrol if you like!
Daniel 😉