Getting a warning box upper LH side of screen.

  • 25 October 2013
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The New Web Shield will cover the page when you get it as it's still being rolled out slowly on IE, Firefox & Chrome are only supported at this time!

I get that now & then but, not often. I wish the alert box was larger & have an Alert Sound!
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It sounds like what PIInfinity said that tells me you still have the old Web Shield from 2013 and it worked sometimes good at times as they are rolling out the New Web Shield for 2014 products much slower but you will get it soon and will not have that problem anymore.
TH ;)
I have the latest Firefox. ( the only browser I use ) and the only extension is Skype.
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It sounds a lot like Webroot Web Threat Shield 2013 warning pop-up. I sometimes get that box matching the description in the first post.

Did you manage to see the word Webroot on the box by any chance? No worries though. The new Web Shield is being rolled out and you'll receive yours soon hopefully. All this will be gone then.:)
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What browser are you using? Please list all the extensions/plugins it says it has installed, if you know how to check that. If not, report back and we'll tell you how. There may be a malicious extension installed that is injecting content.