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A friend told me I should change from Google Chrome to FoxFire for my browser.  I haven't had any problems with Chrome. He said ForxFire is much more secure.  Since I'm not computer savvy I don't want to change without some confirmation he's correct.  Hope someone can give me some input.  Thanks 

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Hi PoPCorn,
Have you tried the Toolbar Fix?
This sometimes does happen and to try to resolve it you can try running the Toolbarfix tool.  You can download it for here.  Once downloaded launch it by clicking on the executable, and you should see the following, and  click on 'Run':

which should then take you to the following dialog:

on which you should choose/check the option 'Repair/Install the Webroot Toolbar' and then press 'Start'.
That should initiate the fix process and you just have to wait for it to finish, close the dialog and then check in your browser to see if the Password Manager Toolbar icon is now visible.  If the fix has been successful you should see the following greyed out icon in a toolbar at the top of the IE browser page:

One then double cliks on that so that the login dialog is presented, etc.
Please check the above out and come back if anything is not clear or if it does not help.
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Sorry I misspell the word it is Password manager.  The Extension has webroot password manager disable it says it could not be verified for use in FireFox will need to be signed.  I understand the add-on developer of vender need to get add-on signed.  I will try your method.  Thanks.
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Hi ?
Would you make sure you are running the latest Firefox which is version 44.0. Go to the top of the brtowser and you will see Help/About on that and update your browxer and you shouldn't have any problems with Passdword Manager not being signed.
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😃 Thamk you sooo much 
Webroot Password Mangager now is enable  and Firefox is updated .
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Hi PoPCorn,
Great news! And you are certainly most welcome.
Have a great day!:D