have renewed my account but I keep getting notice my subscription has expired .

  • 8 March 2016
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I have talked 5 or 6 people no one can get this it tells me my computer is not protected my subscription is good until dec 12/ 28/16

4 replies

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Hi larrycole12
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When you say you 'renewed' WSA did you contact Webroot (or it could have been BestBuy/The Geek Squad) and actually renew your existing subscription, i.e. you were NOT sent a NEW Keycode as a result OR did you purchase another, NEW subscription, in which case you should have been provided with a NEW keycode?
The reason I ask is that if it was the former, i.e., NO new keycode, then the time associated with the new subscription period should be added to your existing subscription and thereafter there is nothing for you to do as you should roll into the new subscription period full protected as before.
However, if what you did was the latter, i.e., a NEW keycode was provided, then you will need to enter and activate that keycode in WSA for the protection to continue. If this is pertinent to you then should point out that you should not enter the new keycode until the last day of your current keycode/subscription, i.e., on the day of expiry, as entering a new keycode with an existing one still with time on it will effectively lose you that remaining time as the new keycode/subscription period will run currently to the old.
Also you do not need to worry about being exact on the changeover date, i.e., when you enter and activate the new one as Webroot have a 30-day grace period, from the date of expiry, to allow for such a change over, and during which you are fully covered/protected.
Apologies for the long and rambling reply, but hopefully you recognise which is your actual experience and therefore have the guidance you need. If not then please post back and we will try to help further.
Hope that helps? But if not and you have further questions please post back.
Regards, Baldrick

oh my i just want to make sure i am protected and on how many of my devises ? is there a number i can call and ask this question ?

I am just tired of this pop up everytime i sign on

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@janz bear ,

Please do not resurrect old threads with a separate issue. If you’re having trouble, please contact our support team: http://webroot.com/us/en/support/home-contact