How do I get rid of those incredibly annoying popups at start up They drive me crazy.

  • 22 September 2014
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Can't stop the Webroot popups at the beginning. this program is not worth the aggravation.

7 replies

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Hello and Welcome to the Webroot Community!
Are you talking about the Webroot Security Report if you are it goes away in 3 to 4 days and here is more info:
Daniel 😉
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Hi benabbey
If it not the Security Report popup that Daniel has responded with then it may be the Status Notification popup. This can be disabled/enabled from Advanced Settings. Click on the Advanced Setting button in the top righthand corner of the main panel. On the next page displayed you should find yourself in the Install Settings tab. If you look down the list of options you should see the 'Show a Status Notification screen at bootup'. If that is checked then uncheck the option and click on the Save button at the bottom of the panel. Enter the CAPTCHA code when prompted and click OK to save.
You should now find that when you boot up the notification panel is no longer displayed.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick
I un-installed Webroot from my computer, but kept getting those annoying pop-ups. I found the solutions here. Remember to visit only to get the proper un-installation downloads. For instructions on how to download, please visit this video I found. It helped me and can help you too. ~snip Removed Video as we have Revo Uninstaller listed in our uninstall tools list: snip~
This didn't work for me, but this did. You can find it on the Webroot website.
The solution is here: ~snip removed video see above, also Webroot Support will help to uninstall. snip~
This does not work. Its now 2018. The original product Pevx and subsequent Webroot was selected because it was a very quiet product vs. McAfee and others that constantly interrupted screens.
Now its no better and this setting does nothing to suppress the info popups, one which is still overlayed while I type this after a reboot from the deselection indicated above.
Webroot fail.
I gotz an idea for about contacting Webroot customer service, they will be more than happy to help you get over what I call; " pop-up grief ". Its really not that hard to get er done.
On a side note, once the " pop up grief " has been resolved, consider yourself another of the thousands and thousands of satisfied Webroot customers.
Already contacted. Ive been a customer since Prevx.
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