How do I know that Webroot is working?

  • 9 March 2015
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A common question we get on the community is this: Is Webroot doing anything at all?  How do I know it is working?
Due to the rapid scans and minimal impact on performance, it can sometimes look like Webroot isn't doing anything at all.  But don't worry, all of that performance is being offloaded to our cloud servers.  Here's some more details about exactly how Webroot works quietly in the background, told by one of the most knowledgeable people on our community:
From @Baldrick:
Yes, this is normal with WSA are well protected despite WSA not finding anything.
This is essentially down to the way that WSA works; it does not scan your entire drive and every file by default but rather it only scans for active files/apps, on the premise that if malware is dormant/inactive then it is not a threat...which makes absolute sense when you really think about it...but the moment that a dormant file/app starts to run/goes active WSA pounces on it, determines if good or bad and acts accordingly, i.e., allows to proceed or blocks & cleans, etc.
In the case of a non determination WSA will restrict the file's/app's actions and 'monitor' it which journalling its actions so that if at a later date it determines the file is bad then it can block/clean it and with the help of the journalled information reverse all changes made by it...pretty cool, eh?
And to give you the bigger picture on how WSA protects you please have a look at the below:

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9 replies

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aside from 3 threats I had on my computer, webroot has found and fixed all 3so far webroot is the best security program I have ever had. mrfloppy66
I'm brand new to the Home Community and to WSA. I am an Avast convert after heavily researching the web for a faster, more unobtrusive replacement. I'd never heard of Webroot prior to doing this; but after reading several reviews from reputable, impartial sources, I decided to go for it. I also had this same question as mrfloppy66, so I definitely feel more at ease after reading the informative response from Baldrick. Love the diagram, by the way - it speaks a thousand words to me. I'm a semi-retired lead ITBA and a firm believer in the value of data and process flow diagrams. Thank you for a great response and, what appears to be, a well-designed security program!
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Hi GayleH 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Great to know that what we do here has been of help to you...that is our key aim & as the majority of us are volunteers feedback such as yours is most welome.
Glad to know you have joined the Webroot user community...I am sure that you will not regret it.
So if you have any questions or issues then you know where we are...just post in one of the forums related to the version of WSA you use and oine of the Community is sure to respond to try to assist.
And if you have no issues then do also come here as we are not just here for and friendship is also key.
Regards, Baldrick
Thank you for the very nice welcome, Baldrick :D
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Welcome to the Community Gayle!  Great to have you here, and glad you chose Webroot.
Any time you have a question or need advice with it, just let us know.  We are always happy to help, just have patience if we do not answer right away.  Most of us are volunteers here, and Baldrick is among the best.  He has been of immense help to me.
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Why, are (un)fairly making me blush...:$
It is actually all about teamwork and there is a great team here, Gayle, as I am sure that you will find for yourself...and almost always someone around to look to help other members.
Does BrightCloud scrore the URL in my address bar.
I see BrightCloud score by search results but, don't see score by address bar. 
Does WSA display a BrightCloud score by Firefox awesome bar.
Don't know if no score is by design or my Filtering Extension is not working.
I see score by search results but, I was imagining BrightCloud URL score like WOT displays. 
Also, are there sample sites that I can see what WSA phishing / malware site notifier looks like.... 
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Answers are as follows:
1. No.
2. No
3. No
4. By design
5. It is different
6. Try seaching for "sample phising" or "sample malware" sites in Google
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thank you very much the article was very helpful