How do I turn off WSA completely rather than uninstall it please?

  • 2 July 2013
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How do I turn off WSA completely so that I can use it "On Demand"? I've tried all day to solve this myself and must admit defeat. Could someone help me so that I don't have to uninstall WSA please? Every time I disable it, it comes back on. I get the same message from somewhere informing me that the WSA "console" is going to overrule me. It's a fantastic program and I love it as much as I did Prevx but it is slowing down my 'puter - I have to admit that. So I want to totally and permanently turn it off and use it "On Demand". Please, how do I do that? Since I am not technically inclined, I will need Instructions For Idiots or Directions For Dummies. Either one will do. Thank you in advance, Greta

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You shouldnt have to ever disable it, if your PC is running slower with WSA running then we can look at that. Can you create a support ticket and I can have a look at your Keycode. I should be able to figure this out and it wont require any technical information from your end. Or if you send me a private message with the Webroot Keycode that you used to install Secure Anywhere I can see if I can find you in that way.
It says problem solved but sorry, there's no solution here for us other users who are having the same exact problem. What does one need to do to STOP or TURN OFF this software? Even after I right click and shut down all protection and the icon disappears from my system tray, it automatically turns itself back on and comes to life again on its own!
PLEASE post the solution in text form so everyone can benefit. I am SOOOO frustrated right now from having to bend over backwards just to ask for this answer. 
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Hi Sandyshores
Respectfully, I think that the point that Rakanisheu is trying to make is that the slowdown is very unlikely to be caused by WSA itself, something that I very much concur with given my experience of the base code & concept from back in Prevx3 days, etc., all the way up to the current version.
However, given that it is not impossible, despite what we think, that WSA is the cause he is offering to investigate and look to identify the actual cause...(i) to assist the user & (ii) in case it is due to WSA then so we have information to feed back to the development team so that can work to elivate the issue/improve WSA's performance in the specific circumstances.
If you are having the same issue and you believe that a slowdown is due to WSA then please log a Support Ticket with the details and I am sure that this will be investigated seriously.  I have found that Webroot take performance issue very, very seriously.
If however you are just looking, for your convenience/preference, to run WSA "on-demand" in the true sense of the phrase...well, the bottom line is you cannot (should not need to) use WSA in that way, as had been advised previously.  Unfortunately, if you want a true "on-demand" security app you will, sadly for us, need to look elsewhere.
Apologies if my response seems harsh but hopefully you will read it for what it is...honest, and trying to be helpful.
Have a peaceful weekend.
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@ wrote:
Even after I right click and shut down all protection and the icon disappears from my system tray, it automatically turns itself back on and comes to life again on its own! 
It is strange. I shut down WSA and waited a couple of minutes but WSA didn't restart. How long it lasts to WSA restart in your case? I tend to think that WSA installation is somehow corrupted and I suggest you to do a clean install (uninstall, reboot, install, reboot).
Please revert with result.
Hello Pegas and thanks for your helpful response. I was completely unable to turn off your software, and it would IMMEDIATELY turn itself back on. I would see the icon appear again in my system tray within seconds. The way I corrected the problem was per your instructions and uninstalling your software, and then doing a fresh install after reboot. Unfortunately it took two weeks for me to regain interest in your product and now my trial will expire in 1 day. I came here to post a reply as I am certain that others will encounter this problem and hope that this information helps them. 
Just a bit of advice for your company:
The less obstacles you put in front of your users to get help, the easier it will be for them to use and enjoy your product. Trying to get a simple answer to a simple problem was like pulling teeth with no anesthesia. 
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That sounds more like an issue as that isnt the standard way the client works, shutting it down via the icon by the clocks shuts it off until reboot or you until you open the program again. If you PM me your KC I can add another month onto it so you can have more time to try our software. 
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Hello Sandy and thanks for your valuable feedback.
Just a side note, I am not a Webroot employee. I am a volunteer who tries to help others as much as my time allows.
Tip: Webroot employees have green W in their nicknames.
If I can suggest please follow Roy's offer and send him your license key via private messages and he will gladly give you additional month to let you better evaluate WSA.