How to change key for the product?

  • 9 November 2013
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I can not believe I am here- this function should be automated!
The old serial/ key expired. But I can not enter the new one. I have 2 other computers activated on the new serial number, but there is no button to enter new key when it already installed. It just takes me to buy and renew. On Norton, there is a button, "Have key", and it let me enter new key. I can not find it on Webroot.
Used "Support chart"- some creature there told me to call Webroot Monday to Friday to figure it out. It is 3 days weekend. I can have any virus in the world in 3 days. He/she told me- it is not her job to know how to enter a key. I told her- if she geting paid for her work and not a valunteer, she needs to know basic answers. In fact- I dont understand why I have to wait 3 days and call tech support, go out of my way and register to the foum just to ask how to enter a serial number? Any other Antivirus has this option automated! This is sooo frustrating! It already takes more than hour! Thank you.  

31 replies

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Thats OK, I have sent you a request for diagnostic logs to see what this threat is. Once I get them back I can send you on a solution.
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I dont any hardware issues from the logs and the scan logs werent complete. We will probably need to connect to the PC and have a look at whats going on. My shift is over but I have put a note in for one of my colleagues. Failing that I can connect tomorrow, whatever times suits you we have staff times to cover.
I can do Tuesday 10.30 to 12 pm EST, if you available. Please, let me know where I need to connect. Thank you.
The tech support just sent me instructions how to install Webroot. Do they not read the e-mails? I explained in details that I can not install it. Telling me where to download it is not going to resolve it. So nobody contacted me at 10.30. I am still here till 12, waiting. Next available time is tomorrow 10.30 to 11 am and any time after 3.30 pm EST. Thank you.
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I can send you a remote request from the support system if your available now? I have sent a remote support request if you want me to connect and fix this.
Yes, I am available. Let me log in to that support ticket on another computer. Thank you.