I get a pop up that states Webroot and windows 10 security are both shut off but if I go to webroot

  • 27 March 2016
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Please help me. I get pop-up which states that my webroot and windows defender are both shut off.  When I go to webroot it show that it is on and I can run scans on it. Do I need to turn windows defender off? and if so how? 
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1 reply

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Hello spitfirwac
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
This is a known issue that the Support Team a trying to get a fix for. Please see this previous thread which will provide you with additional detail.
Please do note that there have been cases of users trying this fix and then reporting that the messages return after a number of reboots...so it is by no means a definitive fix but worth trying in case it works for you.
As TripleHelix posted here: