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I have pop-ups on my web browser, is this a virus?

  • 7 April 2018
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I have pop-ups on my web browser, is this a virus?
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Webroot SecureAnywhere only blocks malicious pop-ups. It will block and remove any pop-ups that attempt to infect your computer or are caused by an infection.

However, many sites do have their own pop-ups which are not threats. Some pop-ups can be forms of advertisement, like commercials on the TV. Others can be more useful, providing additional information or features. If you do not want to see these, you can change the settings in your browser to block them.

To learn how to block pop-ups, click here.

If you are getting a pop-up for jucheck.exe, click here for more information.

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1 reply

Lately, sometimes, I have pop-up displayed "Webroot Web Threat Shield Setting" asking to enter Webroot key code.
I am not sure if that is safe to do? Why is it asking for the code if my software is registered and the code is known to the Webroot?
Hacking attempt?
The reson I am reluctant to give key code is that some time ago I had window pop-up that Webroot wants to make change to my hard drive. I accepted without thinking much as I trust Webroot.
Soon enough my Lenovo crashed to the extend that I could not recycle it as there was not enough space om my disk. Something took all the gigs leaving only 500 mb so I barely worked.
Luckily new windows update created more than needed 5 Gb space  to recycle the machine.