I think that WEBROOT is a scam! Rude non-the-less; I believe I was just taken!

  • 23 January 2016
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I am the stupid one I suppose!  I never got a receipt for my purchase and I just requested a refund and the dude hung up on me!  BE AWARE!!!!

2 replies

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Sorry that your call got disconnected.  I looked in our system and it does look like your refund went through.  Do you need help with anything else, or was it just the refund that you needed?
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Hi adickers
I would normally say 'Welcome to the Community Forums' but in you case that may be a red rag to the bull. ;)
Can you advise as from whom you have attempted to purchase WSA? What you are describing does not sound like the behaviour or either Webroot themselves or Best Buy/The Geek Squad, so I am guessing that you were making a purchase via some other channel.
If you would let us know the who, when and how we may be able to offer you some advice as to how to get redress especially if it was from an official source.
Regards, Baldrick