Is Webroot incorrectly reporting ZoneAlarm Firewall installer as Trojan injector?

Webroot SecureAnywhere is reporting the current ZoneAlarm FreeFirewall_Setup_v1.0.8.48858_573.exe as a Trojan injector when attempting to execute it -- blocking and removing it as a threat.
Is this a problem with SecureAnywhere or ZoneAlarm?

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Hi RMKatz
Welcome to the Community Forums.
It is most likely a false positive on the part of WSA assuming that you have obtained the installer from a legitimate site, i.e., the Checkpoint website or an affiliated site rather than a 3rd party download site.
What I would do is Open a Support Ticket to let the Support Team know of this issue, they can then investigate and if necessary whitelist the installer so that it is no longer detected as being potentially bad.
EDIT: completely forgot to mention that you can also actually submit the installer file itself by using this website; the instruction for use are available on the page itself.
Regards, Baldrick


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