Many, many flaws. Where to I start?

  • 16 October 2019
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  1. No uninstall/cleanup program. On several occassions the agent, for no real reason, will lose contact with the GSM. Then you are screwed. You can’t uninstall it, you can’t change the key, you can’t do anything because it still thinks it is managed even though it isn’t. Webroot, in all their wisdom, decided not to offer a cleanup/uninstall tool. You just can’t get rid of this ugly little monster once you install it and something goes wrong.
  2. An exclude really isn’t. It wastes the CPU scanning absolutely everything then, after the fact, looks at the exclude lists and decides whether or not to ignore it. What about the word “exclude” don’t you understand Webroot?
  3. Deactivated. Really? What exactly were you trying to accomplish here and why don’t you have the ability to remove the deactivated? I can tell you for certain there are much more meaningful things for support to be doing (see above).

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