Multiple issues with Backup

  • 5 August 2012
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Thus far filing tickets hasn't been very helpful (sorry Webroot, no offense) so I'm posting here as well. Hopefully a user has had the same issues and can give me some advice!!!


1) The upload is ridiculously slow. I watched and it was roughly 100kbps. This DOES NOT have anything to do with my connection. I have a 35mb down/35mb up internet connection (fiber optic)

2) There is no way to cancel a backup (to Web Archive) that's currently in progress. I had to shut down Webroot itself.

3) I set up sync folders (instead of a one-time Web Archive) and nothing happened.

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Welcome to the Community Sduibek,


I thought another user would chime in on this post, in the meantime, what is the email address you have been using on your support ticket? You can send it in a Private Message so it is not viewable by the public.


Slow Upload Speed:

1.) You can navigate to your Backup & Sync tab within SecureAnywhere and click on Open File Manager

2.) Select Tools and then Preferences

3.) Now you can select High for your Upload Speed


Cancel a Backup Currently in Progress:

You are correct, although pending syncs may have caused a speed issue.


Syncing a Folder:

1.) This is not instantaneous

2.) The delay could have been caused by another sync which was pending