My site is being blocked

  • 14 August 2013
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One of your customers told me that our website, ~ snip website link removed for administration review TH ~ was blocked by Webroot®️ SecureAnywhere. It is a minecraft forum. Can you please tell us where the problem comes from, if there is a real security issue we can fix, or check if it might be a false positive ?

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4 replies

It is not blocking the whole website, but it is blocking the paypal donate button and the google ads, why would that happen?
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Hello Stevin and welcome to the Webroot Community!

False Positives can be the result of many different things. The best way to report a possible False Positive is to Submit a Trouble Ticket. (See the link below in my signature area.)

Please forgive me for asking this, but the Community Guidelines prefer that links to anything detected, False Positive or not, be not posted on the Community. If you can, please edit your post to remove the link. Put the link in your Trouble Ticket instead.
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Nothing is being Blocked that I can see even the PayPal button. I hope this not a Promo for your site?






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I have fixed this issue, should be good to go now. I have tested it on my PC and I am not recieving any alerts.