My WRData folder is very large

  • 18 March 2015
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I have been having a problem with my hard drive with WSA on it running out of space constantly and i just learned why. The WRData folder, which i never knew was there, is eating up space. The folder is at 33 GB in size now. Is there something i can delete or uninstall to get rid of all that? It's getting quite crazy.

2 replies

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Hi Achilles
Welcome to the Community Forums.
If I may try to none in on something simple for you to do in realtion to your 'issue'?
The thing that I generally advise is that one clicks on the cog/gear to the right of the Utilities tab (in the Main GUI) and then click on the Reports tab in the new panel displayed you should be able to see a 'Save scan log' button. 
Click that and then save the .txt file created.  If you then open that file it should display the details of the scans thatWSA has made.  Each line us usually prefixed by a Capital letter in [ ] brackets.  You should then Open a Support Ticket describing your issue and copy and pasting any line starting [u] that you find in the log.  Example below:
   [u] c:program filesaxtmaxtmapp.exe [MD5: 326C3F0BDFC5AA24063FD001F8F954D3] [Flags: 40191100.4122]
Support should then be able to review these, whitelist those that are safe and that should then stop the journalling of those files actions, which it what generates the large files in WRDATA.  To clear them you will need to uninstall WSA, make sure that WRDATA has been deleted and then reinstall WSA (make sure that you have your key code to hand as you will have to enter it again, and also that you say 'NO' to any offer from the installer to load saved preferences...this needs to be a clean install). 
Hopefully with that and the whitelisting you should not have the same issue re. the size of WRDATA.
It is worth noting that if you are someone who (i) runs what I would euphamistically call 'exotic' software, i.e., not much used, or (ii) someone who keeps themselves up to dat e software-wise as soon as a new release is availalble, then you are more likely to suffer from this due to the fact that you will have a higher than normal number of [u] listed or undertermined files which WSA will journal (creating the dbnnnn.db files you see in WRData).
Post back if there is anything  further that you need help with.
Regards, Baldrick