On Every Boot UAC Wants Approval for Webroot, 2020/May

  • 14 May 2020
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"Do you want to allow the following program to make changes on your computer? I am getting the UAC prompt each time I start/boot up my desktop PC. This occurs after the 5/13/2020 Windows 10 automatic update, which was KB4556799.  Before that Win 10 update, there was no UAC prompt upon PC start up.  Something has changed.  Please advise how to make it authorized at PC boot up, and are other people encountering this issue since that Win 10 patch?

Webroot SecureAnywhere anti-virus V9.0.28.39 on a Windows 10 v1903 Home Premium desktop PC.

3 replies

I saw a forum dated 2019-07 regarding "Internet explorer 11 does not start" at Https:// 
 I have now resolved the issue and IE browser works after these steps:

Control Panel > programs/uninstall > Programs and Features > Left-side menu choice "Turn Windows features on or off" > 
  uncheck checkbox "Internet Explorer 11".  It will demand a PC reboot.
  Afterwards Webroot no longer prompts for UAC (User Account Control).  I then re-ticked "Internet Explorer 11", after a required PC reboot,   able to open up IE browser.

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Thanks for the update @htc88 ,

I’m going to save this in my bookmarks for reference if anyone else experiences this issue! Sounds like it’s more of an IE issue than a webroot related issue though, right?

Yes, I think it’s an issue of IE browser combining Windows 10 system changes.  My employer’s system still can’t support newer browsers (e.g. Edge or others), thus still occasional I’m stuck with IE for work.    Doesn’t seem to be Webroot  issue, although it may be nice if Webroot developers could consider if there is away to avoid being impacted in the future.