Once a Trojan is executed is it too late?

  • 30 November 2016
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remember (which is actually quite appropriate)
Now, lets get one things STRAIGHT...this is a Webroot FORUM and NOT Webroot Support so as such it is not supposed to only help people who have a subscription but is here for ALL who are interested in Webroot products, etc.
And apart from trying to help users and potential users it is also a place where we promote fun, amusement & if you are not happy with that...then MOVE one is forcing you to come here.
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I agree with what you said but, also, I think you all on the forums section (like VIPS, admin, community guides, etc) give great answers (in my opinion) when it's needed and quite quick. Since this isn't support specifically, I must say I'm very pleased from everything I've seen thus far, and thank you for all the effort on this forum 🙂
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Hello @ 
Your are so kind to speak those words.   We are all here to help one another.  The Webroot Community Forum is a great place to be.  Honestly, this forum is the most experienced and have the nicest people. 
Thank you again.  ;)