Once a Trojan is executed is it too late?

  • 30 November 2016
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I ran something that turned out to probably be a trojan by allowing it once because I trusted the software which was probably really stupid, I ended up using webroot to remove it. Is it too late for my computer now even though it's removed? Do I need to essentially reformat clean my pc? Scan shows nothing, but still I guess in theory just because the trojan generator is gone it could still be running what ever it put on my computer right? I'm ignorant when it comes to this stuff.  

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28 replies

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remember (which is actually quite appropriate)
Now, lets get one things STRAIGHT...this is a Webroot FORUM and NOT Webroot Support so as such it is not supposed to only help people who have a subscription but is here for ALL who are interested in Webroot products, etc.
And apart from trying to help users and potential users it is also a place where we promote fun, amusement & if you are not happy with that...then MOVE one is forcing you to come here.
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I agree with what you said but, also, I think you all on the forums section (like VIPS, admin, community guides, etc) give great answers (in my opinion) when it's needed and quite quick. Since this isn't support specifically, I must say I'm very pleased from everything I've seen thus far, and thank you for all the effort on this forum 🙂
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Hello @ 
Your are so kind to speak those words.   We are all here to help one another.  The Webroot Community Forum is a great place to be.  Honestly, this forum is the most experienced and have the nicest people. 
Thank you again.  ;)