Once a Trojan is executed is it too late?

  • 30 November 2016
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I ran something that turned out to probably be a trojan by allowing it once because I trusted the software which was probably really stupid, I ended up using webroot to remove it. Is it too late for my computer now even though it's removed? Do I need to essentially reformat clean my pc? Scan shows nothing, but still I guess in theory just because the trojan generator is gone it could still be running what ever it put on my computer right? I'm ignorant when it comes to this stuff.  

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28 replies

Hello Mijin,
My name is Jesse and I'm with Webroot's Advanced Malware Removal Team, we'd be the team handling your case if you submitted a support request. Usually we do not even go as far as remoting into a system unless it is still infected and requires manual remediation - which we can see from some logging information from Webroot when you submit a ticket. When you do submit a ticket, it provides us with two reports, these two reports contain information about removed infections and a scan log of your system - all of which do not contain any kind of sensitive information. We can also provide you with more information about the infection removed and whether or not it was able to execute. If you had seen Webroot detect a threat immediately after, this usually means Webroot prevented the infection in real time.
As for the messages regarding privacy in this post, we do not see any kind of sensitive information once connected to a computer, i.e. passwords, websites visited, or pictures. We can only see what's right in front of us and as always, if you feel we are looking at something we shouldn't, you may exit our remote application with the single click of a button. You may also hide your desktop icons so we cannot see them. To do so, right click anywhere in your desktop, then select View>Show Desktop Icons.  By default, when we connect to a computer the wallpaper is also temporary removed, just in case it is a sensitive picture.
There's nothing better than to have peace of mind from a person, rather than running multiple applications which may not find something left over.
Thank you, and hope we can help you!

Webroot Advanced Malware Removal Team
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remember (which is actually quite appropriate)
Now, lets get one things STRAIGHT...this is a Webroot FORUM and NOT Webroot Support so as such it is not supposed to only help people who have a subscription but is here for ALL who are interested in Webroot products, etc.
And apart from trying to help users and potential users it is also a place where we promote fun, amusement & if you are not happy with that...then MOVE one is forcing you to come here.
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Hello Mijin,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
If you ran a scan with Webroot and it came up clean after removing the Trojan then you should be okay. If you want peace of mind you can always submit a support ticket which is free of charge with your Webroot subscription. They will gladly check your system out for you.
Or call: 
Mon-Fri 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM (MST)
Hope this helps?
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Great to know, I didn't know about the support with my subscription. Thanks.
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Your most welcome. The Webroot Support link is available 24-7 and they usually respond to your inquiry within 24-48 hours. 
Also here is the Webroot PC User Guide if you want to have a look.
Have a great evening!
Greetings Mijin, Yep!! your going to be pleasantly surprised with the service you are entitled to by having the Webroot Team and their outstanding Support Team covering your back.
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@ wrote:
To access Webroot suport , most likely they will ask you to allow a remote sesion.
If privacy is a concern (you do not want a stranger to look into your files)----------------------
If you run these and the result is "clean" most likely the trojan has been eliminated.
Sorry I don't agree to what you said and is untrue, Webroot doesn't care what's on your PC and they fully support one's privacy.
Great reply Jesse.
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Hello again swallen56,
Please look here
@ wrote:
This is a Webroot forum , which is supposed to help people who paid MONEY for the product.
It is not for your personal amusement / entertaining.
Use Facebook instead.
And you had the skin to say that I am out of topic, talking  about privacy...
Man, you really need to get a life, Claudiu.
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I agree with what you said but, also, I think you all on the forums section (like VIPS, admin, community guides, etc) give great answers (in my opinion) when it's needed and quite quick. Since this isn't support specifically, I must say I'm very pleased from everything I've seen thus far, and thank you for all the effort on this forum 🙂
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Hello @ 
Your are so kind to speak those words.   We are all here to help one another.  The Webroot Community Forum is a great place to be.  Honestly, this forum is the most experienced and have the nicest people. 
Thank you again.  ;)
Well gee willikens remember, let me ask you this. Have you ever had Webroot access your account to remedy an issue? From what I understand but could be wrong, Webroot employs honest and trustworthy technicians who are employed here in the USA. My guess is that they are only interested in helping resolve a problem as opposed to perusing a file. I would consider them to be highly reputable and don't understand your warning. Would you care to expand on your posting?
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Badge +62 about kudos for you! 😉 Thank you for the updated information. No matter who works for Webroot I'm still a believer in the product and the people behind the scenes. As a volunteer here I believe we all share a passion and will support Webroot here on the Forum. 
I do understand your theory but i haven't the slightest interest in spy war games.
Actually we are getting off topic "remember" it's really senseless to go on with this personal  privacy issue concerning Webroot IMO. 
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remember this is a friendly Community Forum. Why are you trolling? 
remember, do you prefer the taste of the Yellow Crayola Crayon or the Blue one.
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Hello Mijin, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum and the Webroot Family. 😃
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Hi remember,
Welcome to the Webroot Community.
You have a right to your opnion but...
Webroot Support has been around for a very long time helping their customers. Remote assistance is usually only carried out if their email response to the customer does not help. They are most trustworthy and I have never heard of any complaints from any Webroot customers in the three years that I have been on this Forum as a Volunteer.. I have only heard of graditude and prasise of how great and gracious the Webroot Support is. Support isn't concerned with your personal files. They are only interested in fixing the issues. So you have a right to your unfounded opinion but Webroot has the best Support and free Support anywhere on the planet IMO. I have called on Support and have had nothing but success and have never felt threatened over privacy issues. 😉
So Sherry...if I am to understand you correctly, it is OK to send my secret Bran Bread recipe via the Net as opposed to mailing it?
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@ wrote:
So Sherry...if I am to understand you correctly, it is OK to send my secret Bran Bread recipe via the Net as opposed to mailing it?
Hi Robert!
Yes but of course...ROFLMHO:D
@ Where were you when I needed you last night? LOLs
I was gathering up the necessary ingredients to make a few small loaves for friends. I usually bake up a large size loaf for myself and bake up a few smaller loaves for friends.

Some like it a lot and others not so much. Its loaded with lots of Fiber, Almonds,Walnuts, Ginger,Dates, Raisins and Bran.

One friend in particular calls it a boat anchor because its dense and heavy. Its quite good while its still warm and with a bit of Honey drizzled over it.
Sorry for swaying off topic.
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Oh no Robert..itr's okay.. I went off problems here..we do this occassionally...;)
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Well I feel Webroot is fortunate to have such a talented genius working for them. I seriously doubt that Webroot wants our personal information.
If you want your privacy then I'd say stay off for me I have nothing that the NSA or FBI would want and no reason to be paranoid.
I stand by Webroot and David Duncan who is our Chief Marketing Officer..This is a man with such an impressive, background. As I can't fathom why he/Webroot would want to go after all our personal information. Or take the time to do so. He's not a hacker for Webroot! The internet collects more personal information then Webroot.
Webroot is protecting us not spying on us. Really?
Again my 2 cents worth!