PC Xbox Gamepass - Back4Blood

  • 15 October 2021
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So my son has the PC version of Xbox Gamepass, and he recently downloaded the new game Back4Blood.  Attempting to load it, though, results in a splash screen with easy-anti-cheat logo that completes the load -- and nothing else.  Searching for this issue, many answers point back to Webroot as not allowing this to run.  The “solution” is to uninstall Webroot. 

Is this a known issue, and if so, can we expect it to be patched soon, or is the “solution” to uninstall Webroot?

2 replies

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Hello @Ioscipescu 


It’s best to contact Webroot Support directly.



Webroot Support:

Submit a ticket

Call 1-866-612-4227 Mon - Fri 7 AM to 5:30 PM (MDT)



I have the same issue. Can reproduce the issue as well. When I un-install webroot Back 4 Blood on PC starts working fine.


The Anti-Cheat software is bugging out on SpySweeper.


I have uploaded by WSALogs to support. Let’s all do the same to push the issue.


I’m sure Webroot can reproduce the issue on their own as well. Everyone I’ve seen on reddit who use WebRoot have been doing the same.