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  • 31 March 2020
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I was trying to uninstall webroot. I am using the paid subscription but webroot are refusing to assist because I am not a reseller. I purchased the programme online.  I cannot uninstall the software. When I try I get an error message saying that the software is managed by the web console.

so I logged into the web console and went into PC security tab and clicked on add pc. but it wants m me to install the software and provide the keycode but I have already done that. But the PC has never appeared.


Can anyone advise. I want to get the thing working but want to try and uninstall it and and reinstall it but how do I do that when its not in the console. I did try and download and reinstall it but the programme just opens up normally. I have another keycode but I cannot even enter that because I keep getting the same error saying it managed by a web console




1 reply

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OK Looks like I have managed to do it.

Here are the correct instructions if anyone else needs to uninstall the software.

Go into PC security on the dashboard on the website.

If the pc is not listed, then click into view and select Deactivated PCs and hopefully you will find your one. Reactiveate it.

On the computer itself, delete webroot from both the programme folders and the programme data folders.

Go into mypcsecurity.webrootanywhere……….etc website and go into endpoint section and make sure the Unmanaged policy is set to default then reinstall the software and you should be able to then go into the Access control section of the webroot and tick on to allow uninstall by non admin users. Then the product should be able to be uninstalled.

This is probably an around about way but I had an issue with the programme not letting me uninstall it. Once I removed everything I could reinstall and it asked for the product key I then used a trial key.