• 24 January 2015
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I still get frequent security popups and my computer still runs slow, evense after webroot. What can I do to make my computer run efficiently? I need help. I thought that this issue would have been taken care of after webroot.

1 reply

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Hi jaygo1
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If you installed WSA after first having these popups starting then it is possible that WSA has been unable to clean these up...it is more difficult to rid oneself of the apps that can cause these once they are installed...it is better if they are stopped before they can get into the system.
Now, I am suspecting that what you are 'suffering' from is non-malware programs we commonly refer to as PUAs or Potentially Unwanted Applications...but before I give you the full 9 yards on them, etc., would you please advise as to whether there is any pattern to the popups appearing?  Are they from a specific app or source that you can provide the name of?  I would like to confirm that it is a case of PUAs rather than something else, so as to not waste your time.
Regards, Baldrick