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@DanaJ wrote:
Well, I have been using WSA for the 30 day trial, and after some testing, I have decided not to use it. My regualr AV intercepted infections before WSA did, do it really was not all that usefull.
I still use Malwarebytes and Pande Cloud Scanner as a secondary double check on my AV just to make sure, but at this time I find WSA to be unnecessary.


Hello Dana,
WSA it designed to step aside when another AV is used that's how it can be ran with other AV's & AM's and if your other AV missed it WSA would pick it up and on it's own it would stand up and protect your PC Extremely well. And I don't know if you ever looked at this video when WSA does miss an infection? The rollback and remediation of WSA is unparalleled compared to other AV's.
EDIT: Here is some extra information.
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Also here is a Quote from JoeJ the V.P. of Devoplment.
Quote: This is actually accurate. The reason that WSA is able to be compatible with other security products is that it allows Avast/MSE/Norton/etc. to lock the file/remove the file/or do whatever they please with an infection.

Other vendors immediately lock down access to threats and this generates significant contention problems, usually followed by system crashes as other AVs try to unlock the exclusive handles held by other AVs. The common thought of "use only one AV" is definitely not a myth - we've put forth considerable research/development in ensuring that we are fully compatible with other AVs, and one of the ways in doing this is to allow them to take credit for the detection.

Rest assured, however, that if you were using the other AV alongside WSA, WSA would still block the threat even if the other AV missed it.

Hope that helps!
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I have long been familiar that Webroot is compatible, but never really heard the theory behind it.  Thanks Daniel!
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Your Welcome David but it's a Quote from Joe so he deserves the credit! ;)
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Joe gets credit for the quote, you get credit for sharing it....
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Thanks Daniel you quoted Joe.

The ability of WSA to allow others to take action first, is a smart amazing approach which is widely known for us, Wilders members, but less here on Community which is a shame. There is no other security solution on market that could boast with this feature, so I think we should here more underline this function.


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