Prevx Upgraded to WSA

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  1. The other AV is Avast, and Comodo Firewall.
BTW: I really see no reason to keep two firewalls on, so will disable the WSA firewall. 
I have also noticed a slowdown in performance with WSA realtime protection on, so it may be conflicting with my current AV, Avast. 
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Hello DanaJ,
Jim is Correct no need to change anything just for the sake of the conversation what other AV & Firewall are you using?
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Hi Dana,
There is not a single component of it that you will need to disable. The same team that made Prevx made Webroot SecureAnywhere. It's fundamentally the same as what you're used to with Prevx 3.0 but with some major improvements in performance, functionality, and the user experience.
So, I WSA will not conflict with my current AV, correct?
What about the Firewall>? Should I disable it?

Thanks, DanaJ
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Hello DanaJ and welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
David it correct as I was a long time user of Prevx and now WSA and it will be compatible with your other AV just like Prevx and if you do see any problems or questions feel free to post them. ;)
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Hello DanaJ, and welcome to the Community!
The experience with WSA should be the same as you had with Prevx.  It is designed to be compatible with other solutions, and should not be a problem.  I am not the end all expert, but from what I have seen it should be fine to leave it fully active, realtime protections and all.
If you do happen to notice an issue, that can usually be resolved.