Yesterday, I was reading an article online and got a blue screen telling me that my computer had a virus and that I needed to call their tech support for assistance in removing the virus. It also advised no shopping online until the virus had been taken off the computer. I did a "forced quit" as the only way to get rid of the popups. Now, my Webroot Antivirus Software wont do a scan. Not sure what to do next. Thanks!

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Do you mean call tech support and update the ticket? And if I do this, how long will it take for someone to get back to me? The last time it was a couple of days. I'm not deleting anything, but I'm not sure if it's reasonable to fix it because I don't know what else could be in there now. 
sorry joyce i was ment to say send logs to webroot so they can check what the issue is and how to resolve the issue i dont know why i say uninstall i wqas taking to someone else at same time and read the thing wrong. sorry about that guys. but im sure if you send logs files off they can sort it out for you .
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We need you to update the ticket and let us know when you are available.  Without being able to see the problem, we cant find out what is going wrong and be able to stop it.  I am certain that it will be resolved once we are on the device and can see where the link isnt connecting.  When our AMR team is able to look at the device, I will also be with them to ensure that it is fully taken care of and you are on a safe clean mac.
joyce would it be better if there was pictures on how to update your ticket ? maybe that will help. 🙂
I'm not off again until next Friday .... 
No, it would help if someone would have given me correct information the first time I called. I'm sorry that I've never had a computer virus issue that my software wouldn't take care of. Thanks for your condesecending post. 
joyce are you not free now for a support ticket. if you update it and put that your free now someone might be able to help you now.
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Can you please submit when next friday that you will be available in our ticket system. If none of the AMR guys are available then I can personally call you myself to make sure that this gets resolved for you. Please let me know when you submit the ticket and I will see that it is handled correctly for you. Thanks
just wanted to say sorry to the guys helping you out. i shouldnt of got involed in helping im just a nice guy and like helping people who nee. i leave it in your hands. hope you get the problem sorted joyce best of luck .
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Joyce - if you can just reply here with a good time to reach you, or update the ticket by replying to the most recent email you've received from support, then we can contact you when you are available.