Safari is locked up by fbi warning

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Will Webroot remove malware that has locked up safari on my mac? I got a page thet says the fbi has locked up my browser and they want me to send them $1000.

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Hello Yukiko, welcome to the Webroot Community!
Have you tried to shut down Safari and then restart it?  When you do that are you able to get to pages normally?  While there i a very common malware that exhibits this behavior, there are also some web pages that simply display the warning, though no malware is yet present.  The catch on these is if you click on anything on that page, then malware may be downloaded/installed onto the computer.
Try it and see if Safari works normally following a computer reboot.  If you cannot get to any web pages at all following the reboot, please submit a Trouble Ticket  to have Webroot Support give you assistance.  This is a free service to all customers with a valid WSA license.


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